Course Catalog
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Course Name Course Code User Level Duration
Advanced Flow Simulation TR15043 Advanced 2 zile
Advanced Simulation Processes and Solutions TR15032 Beginner to Intermediate 5 Days
Basic Design TR10053-TC Beginner 2 Days
Essentials for NX Designers TR10051-TC Beginner 5 Days
Electronic Systems Cooling TR15028 Beginner 5 Days
Space Systems Thermal TR15027 Beginner 5 Days
Introduction to NX for Experienced Users TR13155-TC Beginner to Intermediate 5 Days
Post Building Techniques TR11060 Beginner to Intermediate 4 Days
Turning Manufacturing Process TR11055 Beginner to Intermediate 3 Days
Thermal and Flow Analysis TR15025 Intermediate 2 Days
Advanced Thermal and Flow Analysis TR15026 Intermediate 2 Days
Drafting Essentials TR10100-TC Intermediate 3 Days
Response Simulation TR15030 Intermediate 3 Days
NX Manufacturing Fundamentals TR11021 Beginner 3 Days
Fixed-axis and Multi-axis Milling TR11080 Intermediate to Advanced 4 Days
Industrial Design using NX TR10060 Intermediate 4 Days
Laminate Composites TR15029 Intermediate 1 Day
Motion Simulation TR15110 Beginner to Intermediate 3 Days
Flow Simulation TR15024 Intermediate 2 Days
Thermal Simulation TR15023 Intermediate 2 Days
Advanced Thermal Simulation TR15042 Advanced 2 Days
Durability Analysis TR15044 Advanced 1 Day
Intermediate NX Design and Assemblies TR10056-TC Intermediate 5 Days
Mechanical Freeform Modeling TR10035-TC Intermediate 5 Days
NX Sheet Metal TR16020-TC Intermediate 2 Days
PCB Exchange TR15031 Intermediate 1 Day
What's New in NX10 CAD WNewNX10 Mediu 1 zi
Workshop Product Template Studio, Check-Mate & DFMPro ADNXpts1 Intermediate 4 h
Advanced Fluid Modeling TR15045 Advanced 1 day
CAD Transition NX 8.5 - NX 10.0 - Essential Topics TR10216-TC intermediate 3 days
CAD Transition NX 8.5 - NX 10.0 – Intermediate Topics TR10217-TC intermediate 2 days
CAD Transition NX 9.0 - NX 10.0 TR10116-TC intermediate 3 days
Open API Programming TR13110 intermediate 3 days
Thermal Simulation TR15023 intermediate 2 days
NX 9 – NX 10.0.1 Manufacturing Transition TR10115 Beginner to Intermediate 3 Days