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Course Name Course Code User Level Duration
Using Teamcenter TR25150 Beginner 4 Days
Introduction to Teamcenter TR25100 Beginner 1 Day
Teamcenter Service Manager TR28200 Intermediate 3 Days
Data Model Administration TR25450 Intermediate 3 Days
Application Administration TR25455 Intermediate 3 Days
Application and Data Model Administration TR25460 Intermediate 5 Days
Customization TR25540 Advanced 5 Days
Installation TR25350 Intermediate 5 Days
Integration for AutoCAD Users TR25950 Beginner 1 Day
Integration for Catia V5 Users TR25940 Beginner 1 Day
Integration for NX 9.0 Users TR25910 Beginner 1 Day
Managing Pro/ENGINEER data in Teamcenter TR25930 Beginner 1 Day
Managing Requirements using Teamcenter TR25770 Intermediate 2 Days
Managing Systems Design using Teamcenter TR25780 Intermediate 2 Days
Site Consolidation TR29200 Intermediate to Advanced 4 Days
Teamcenter As-Built Manager TR28150 Intermediate 2 Days
Teamcenter Certification TR18070 Intermediate 1/2 Day