About ADA

ADA is Siemens Industry Software Partner for Product Lifecycle Management software technology in Romania. ADA’s activity as PLM software integrator focuses on optimizing the efficiency and productivity and moreover on increasing innovation as the principal aim of successful strategies for product development and lifecycle management. The main addressed industries are: automotive, aircraft, industrial equipment and machinery, research and development, energy and utilities.

For over 20 years, ADA provides companies with product lifecycle management software technology, integrated with comprehensive services, essential to the development of any product from the analysis phase, testing, implementation, to training stages and dedicated support. In every project, ADA specialists focus on increasing business value by optimizing resources, reduce errors, increase innovation and the efficiency of the product development processes.

ADA team’s advanced expertise, allows it to have a deep overview of the industry, understand market specific for a sustained adaptation of the solutions and services in order to meet the current product development trends. Thus, based on high skills, proven advanced methodologies and tools, ADA specialists are ready to ensure the customization and configuration options in line with the the product development strategy, product line acceleration, product extension, market penetration, differentiation, positioning and commitment.

  • Implementing product lifecycle management software solutions;
  • Integrating product lifecycle management software solutions to manage specific resources within a company;
  • Configurating software solutions to support business processes;
  • Customising software solutions for meeting specific business software;
  • Project Management;
  • Business Development Integration;
  • Consultancy for implementing product lifecycle management solutions integrated with business development strategy;
  • Training;
  • Dedicated support and maintenance;
  • Outsourcing Services.
This approach offers flexibility and adaptability in product development processes, provides speed, efficiency and productivity and ensures the business performance.

Ada brings together specialists with consistent experience in implementing and customising product development solutions, training, maintenance and support services that offers great benefits and huge competitive advantages.

PLM Consultancy and Sofware Implementation
ADA implements some of the most successful and widely used software components for the CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM application for product development industry. We also offer additional value by providing high standards software services: The PLM Consultancy and Software Implementation Services provides companies multiple benefits:
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity;
  • Planning technological investment return rate;
  • Standardization of CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM processes.
Maintenance and Support

Through this service our clients have access to the latest version of the solution, to the latest capabilities and corrections that were required under previous versions. Once launched a new version of the software, companies have the most advanced tools and technologies for the continuous improvement of product development process. Provides companies multiple benefits:
  • Access to new features and software corrections, no other costs;
  • Software updates shortest time;
  • 24 h onsite and telephone support.

Through dedicated training programs, ADA specialists provide efficient methods for users to gain skills and knowledge of product lifecycle management solutions. Our specialists work closely with al the participants to ensure that prescribed processes reflect the intended product usage and industry best practices. In addition to solving concrete problems related to product development process, the solutions offered by ADA development potential in the business and generate sustainable growth.

The results show it loud and clear: ADA was chosen by many companies as a strategic partner for development! Further, the performance solutions, the advanced expertise of ADA team, the innovative approach, always oriented to success have attracted the most ambitious objectives fulfillment.