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Robcad Advanced Modeling and Kinematics

Cod CursTR47209
software/versiuneRobcad 11.0
Durată2 zile
In the Robcad Advanced Modeling and Kinematics course students will be exposed to specific features of Robcad (advanced modeling license for sections) that can be used to design more complex kinematic structures such as robots, guns, fixtures, etc.
Cui se adresează
Individuals who would like to become advanced Robcad users that will have a better idea how to setup more complex kinematic structures
Required courses:
  • Student Guide
Robcad Basic Modeling Tools
  • Modeling icons and functionality
  • 2D and 3D sketcher tools, as well as other surface tools available in eM-Workplace
Advanced Modeling
  • Exact solid creation
  • Support element creation
  • Get part and search tool
Advanced Kinematics
  • Slider and four bar linkages
  • Mechanism coupling
Kinematic Functions and More
  • Kinematic looping
  • Defining variable joint limits
  • Drawing the kinematic tree
  • Gun kinematic definition
  • Defining the training and CAM joint
  • CAD integration in eM-Workplace
  • Smart search, set editor, gun search, and gun define tools
  • Variable and constraint limits