Cursuri certificate

Robcad Spot

Cod CursTR47202
software/versiuneRobcad 11.0
Durată3 zile
In the Robcad Spot course the Robcad Spot application will be used to design several welding scenarios.
Cui se adresează
Individuals who would like to become Robcad Spot users
Required courses:
  • Student Guide
  • Defining and using spot-weld gun kinematics
  • Placing and orienting the gun at a weldspot (location)
  • Creating and editing weld paths
  • Using multi-sections for gun shank validation
  • Testing robot reach
  • Identifying and removing collisions
  • Signal (I/O) definition, simulation, and work balance
  • Pedestal (external TCP) and gun on robot welding
  • Gun search and smart search
  • Cables
  • Servo guns
  • Other selected topics