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Application and Data Model Administration

Cod CursTR25460
software/versiuneTeamcenter 10.1, 9.1, 8.3
Durată5 zile
The Teamcenter Application and Data Model Administration course addresses how to configure business data and set up secure organizational process models in a Teamcenter environment. Implementation style business scenarios are taught for both data model configuration with the Business Modeler IDE (for business objects, properties, options, list of values, conditions and rules) and best practices for Teamcenter applications including organization, processes, and data security.
Cui se adresează
Application and Data Model administrators, System administrators
Required courses:
  • Or the equivalent Using Teamcenter self-paced courses on Learning Advantage.
  • Or completion of the Using Teamcenter Advisor on Learning Advantage with a score greater than 70%.
  • Along with familiarity with basic Windows operating system commands.
  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
  • Business Modeler IDE process
  • Business objects and properties
  • Lists of values
  • Options, constants, and rules
  • Project templates
  • Live updates
  • Users, groups, and roles
  • Preferences
  • Organizations
  • Data security
  • Process templates