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Cod CursTR25350
software/versiuneTeamcenter 10.1, 9.1, 8.3
Durată5 zile
The Teamcenter Installation course defines the two-tier and the four-tier architectures and demonstrates how to install the components of these architectures. This includes database server, corporate server, two-tier rich client, the Business Modeler IDE, Web application server, Server Manager, thin client, distribution server, distribution server instance, four-tier rich client, the embedded viewer, NX Integration, FSC cache server, Dispatcher, Store and Forward, and creation of an additional site.
Cui se adresează
Teamcenter installers, system administrators, database administrators
Other recommended courses:
  • Or the equivalent Introduction to Teamcenter self-paced courses on Learning Advantage.
  • Or completion of the Introduction to Teamcenter Advisor on Learning Advantage with a score greater than 70%.
Along with the following:
  • System administration experience
  • Understanding of network planning
  • General understanding of relational databases
  • General understanding of Teamcenter functionality
  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
  • Overview of two-tier and four-tier architectures
  • Teamcenter database creation (Oracle, MSSQL)
  • Common Licensing Server
  • Corporate server installation
  • File Management System (FMS) overview
  • Two-tier rich client installation
  • Teamcenter J2EE Web tier and server manager
  • Teamcenter .NET Web tier and server manager
  • Installation of the four-tier rich client using the Over-the-Web Install and TEM
  • Installation of the Business Modeler IDE
  • Administering the in-production system
  • FCS performance cache server
  • Dispatcher
  • Store and Forward
  • Teamcenter integrations for Microsoft Office
  • Embedded visualization for the two-tier and four-tier rich clients
  • NX Integration for the two-tier and four-tier rich clients
  • Installing and accessing Teamcenter online help