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Integration for AutoCAD Users

Cod CursTR25950
software/versiuneTeamcenter 10.1
Durată1 zi
Teamcenter Integration for AutoCAD Users addresses the integration of AutoCAD and Teamcenter. The course emphasizes how various types of data are managed in Teamcenter.

This is not a replacement course for AutCAD software training
- This course can only be taught onsite at a customer's facility and will require Autocad software.
Cui se adresează
AutoCAD users
Required courses:
  • Or the equivalent Introduction to Teamcenter self-paced courses on Learning Advantage.
  • Or completion of the Introduction to Teamcenter Advisor on Learning Advantage with a score greater than 70%.
  • Along with basic experience using Autocad software.
  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
  • Understand the Teamcenter Integration for AutoCAD
  • Understand how AutoCAD and Teamcenter communicate
  • Check data in and out of Teamcenter
  • Work with TCAA browsers, attribute mapping, and Teamcenter folders
  • Save new data to Teamcenter
  • Create new items and item revisions
  • Load AutoCAD data
  • Place XREFs and Blocks into a drawing
  • Search for and open AutoCAD files in Teamcenter
  • Get the latest version of a drawing from Teamcenter
  • Use the Clone Wizard feature
  • Use the Bulk Load tool