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Workshop Product Template Studio, Check-Mate & DFMPro

Cod CursADNXpts1
software/versiuneNX 10.0
Durată4 ore
This workshop teach you how to prepare parametric solid models by documenting design intent and creating an interface reuse with Product Template Studio. You will learn how to put Check-Mate model quality vaildation tool to work in your design environment and the benefits to using the DFMPro NX for validate upstream manufacurability and reduce rework cost.
Cui se adresează
Designers, engineers and CAD/CAM managers.
Required courses:
  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
Product Template Studio:
  • modify a model using a product template
  • create a basic product template
  • driving suppression of modeling features
  • using requirements with HD3D, validation checker and dependencies
  • adding visual rules
  • validate drafting objects
  • validate modeling objects
  • create and execute a Check-Mate profile
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