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Advanced Fluid Modeling

Cod CursTR15045
software/versiuneNX 10.0
Durată1 zi
Learn how to prepare a complex model for a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis or acoustics analysis. You will generate surface wrap bodies that can represent fluid domains inside or around models and create boundary layer meshes in the fluid-wall vicinity to capture steep solution gradients in the fluid boundary layer region.
Cui se adresează
Design engineers and analysts who use NX to model fluid flow or acoustics.

Required courses:

  • Working knowledge of NX modeling.
  • Basic understanding of finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) principles.
  • Recommended self-paced courses on Learning Advantage.
  • Essentials→NX Basics
  • CAD-Foundation→Feature Modeling - Fundamentals.
  • CAD-Foundation→Assembly Modeling - Fundamentals.
  • CAE-Advanced Simulation→Fundamental workflows.
  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
  • Introduction to Advanced Fluid Modeling
  • Surface wrapping complex models
  • Boundary layer meshing
  • Exporting flow models to CGNS