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Advanced Simulation Processes and Solutions

Cod CursTR15032
software/versiuneNX 8.5, 9.0, 10.0
Durată5 zile
Advanced Simulation Processes and Solutions introduces the NX Advanced Simulation finite element modeling and results visualization product. It is intended for design engineers and analysts who want to learn the details of how to perform finite element analysis using NX.

Students will learn how to generate meshes, define materials, apply boundary conditions, solve, and review analysis results. Students will also learn techniques for setting up and generating structural, dynamic, and thermal analyses, using optimization, and working with large models.
Cui se adresează
  • Design engineers
  • Analysts

Required courses:

Other recommended courses:

  • Learning Advantage courses can also be used to prepare for this course (Essentials for NX Designers, Feature Modeling Fundamentals, Assembly Modeling Fundamentals.)
  • Participant needs to have a basic understanding of finite element analysis principles and a working knowledge of NX modeling.
  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
  • IntroductiontoAdvancedSimulation
  • ManagingCAEanalysisdata
  • Selectingentities
  • Preparingamodelforanalysis
  • Meshingandmeshquality
  • Boundaryconditions
  • Post-processingandreports
  • Materialsandphysicalproperties
  • Linearandnonlinearstaticanalysis
  • Modal,thermal,andbucklinganalysis
  • Responsesimulation
  • Contactandgluing
  • Symmetry
  • Finiteelementmodelingwithassemblies
  • Optimization
  • Adaptivemeshing
  • Superelements
  • Flexiblebodyanalysis
  • Acousticanalysis
  • Multiphysics
  • Importandexportofmodeldata
  • Templates