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Motion Simulation

Cod CursTR15110
software/versiuneNX 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 10.0
Durată3 zile
Motion Simulation Simulation is a CAE software application used to apply motion simulations to a mechanism model. Upon successful completion of this course students will understand how to apply and edit motion simulations, use motion simulations to analyze, troubleshoot and optimize a mechanism design.

While this course does include classic engineering topics such as statics, dynamics, kinematics and kinetics, the primary objective of this course is to train users in the use and application of the engineering software package. This course will not serve as a substitute for formal engineering education on these topics.
Cui se adresează
Designers and engineers who need to create and articulate motion studies using NX models
Required courses:
  • Or successful completion of Essentials for Designers prerequisite assessment on the Learning Advantage (score>70%). Learning Advantage courses can also be used to prepare for the prerequisite assessment.
  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
  • Introduction and fundamental skills
  • Kinematic/dynamic simulations
  • Motion objects (links and joints) and motion drivers
  • Applied forces, torques, dampers, springs, bushings, and contacts
  • Articulation and animation
  • Range of motion analysis and interference checking
  • Analysis results, including graphing and spreadsheets
  • Advanced analysis, including flexible bodies and PMDC motors